Useful addons/mods


This makes VoiceAttack worth using in DCS. Have a functional conversation with AI:

Also navigate menus on multiplayer servers using; say Options to open the F10 menu and Take # to navigate (e.g. take one two to close the menu). There’s also server, mystery, and cargo shortcuts into the menu.

VAICOM makes the game state available at Crystal Palace. Try

User manual

Disable Auto Frequency Tuning


Normally VAICOM will auto-tune radios based on who you call for whenever the Easy Communication option is set. On multiplayer servers you don’t have control over that option, so auto-tuning will be forced on you.

For a more challenging experience on all servers, I set every instance of the AutoTune flag to false. This disables all autotuning functions, ignoring any options you have set in the UI.


Replace the file exported by VAICOM

with this one. This goes in



H:\Games\DCS World\Scripts\UI\RadioCommandDialogPanel\RadioCommandDialogsPanel.lua

Copy the original to RadioCommandDialogsPanel.lua.orig; VAICOM exports this automatically by default so it shouldn’t be necessary, but you can diff against it to see every change.

No promises that this file will work for you. If it doesn’t, just search for AutoTune and replace every true with false.

Configure VAICOM to keep changes

The only way to force VAICOM to not overwrite these changes every time it runs is to deny it write permission to the file.

It’s not clear to me yet if this interferes with any other functionality; nothing in the manual implies that, and I don’t see anything in the files to suggest it.

Note that if you repair, or maybe even update, DCS then you may have to do this all over again.

Config window

This is just stuff to help me remember how I have DCS set up.

Axis mappings

UJR (requires vJoy)

Virtual device to bind in DCS:


vJoy X axis: Merge Fanatec (dev. 6) clutch (axis 4, tab 1) and gas (axis 2, tab 2) pedals into rudder axis.

vJoy Y axis: Use right half of TWCS (dev. 5) rudder paddle (axis 4) for brake.

autohotkey 1 autohotkey 2

Joystick Gremlin

Map left half of TWCS rudder paddle to keystroke LSHIFT+Z. Bind to VR Zoom in DCS.

gremlin 1 gremlin 2

F/A-18 T.16000M Bindings (some modifications missing)